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Getting Started

Let’s first walk through what it’s going to look like when you sign up for WebinarJam.

There may be a few surprises if this is your first time signing up for the platform.

When you first sign up, you will be given the option to sign up for EverWebinar.

EverWebinar is a webinar platform that allows you to turn your live webinar into an evergreen webinar. With the software, you can show your recorded live webinar to your viewers at a scheduled time and date.

In other words, you won’t have to be physically present every time you run your webinar. You can simply let your recorded webinar do the work, and automate your webinar process.

These are some of the other features that will come with EverWebinar.

So do you need this?

If you plan to use a webinar as a primary way to promote your business, then it is necessary to have access to evergreen webinar software.

It will cost you an extra couple hundred dollars a year, but it’s not much in a grand scheme of things. Most products or services sold through webinars will make up for the cost with just one sale.

And in the worst case, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

Once you decide what to do with EverWebinar, they will present you with the option to sign up for Kartra software.

With Kartra, you get access to features, such as checkout forms, landing page builder, and lead nurturing tools.

Next, you will end up on a page that looks like this.

To sum up the sign-up process, you are presented with the option to purchase EverWebinar and Kartra after you sign up for WebinarJam.

While the price tags on these tools aren’t exactly cheap, it may be a reasonable investment if you are serious about using a webinar to grow your business.

Truthfully the initial sign-up process can be mildly annoying if you were looking to try the software out with minimal hassle.

That said, I wrote this article with the goal to provide you a thorough review of the platform without you having to go through each individual process.

So I hope this article helps you make up your mind.

Let’s move on to pricing.


Let’s get pricing out of the way before we dive deeper into different features of WebinarJam.

The truth is, It doesn’t matter how awesome the software is if you can’t afford it.

Below are the plans offered by WebinarJam:

Out of three options, the professional plan is likely the best option for most people. The plan gives you access to a panic button, which allows you and your attendees to be transferred to a new live room. This is very useful in case something goes wrong.

For example, you can press a panic button if a certain feature freezes, and you can start everything fresh in a new live webinar room. You and all of your attendees will be transferred into the new room in a matter of a few seconds.

The enterprise plan offers the control center, which comes with advanced moderator tools. But I suggest you start with the professional plan if you are new to running webinars.

On top of the price for WebinarJam, you will also need to pay $297 for EverWebinar, which I consider necessary for anyone serious about running proper webinars.

So, it will cost you a total of around $1,000 a year, or about $83 a month, for you to get started with the webinar software.

Do I think it’s a lot?

To be frank, not really.

Most people easily spend that much money on their new smartphones. People easily pay close to a hundred dollars per month on their phone bills alone.

If you are serious about running a successful business, it’s a small price to pay, in my opinion. But it’s up to you to make a final decision on whether your business will benefit from hosting webinars.


Streaming Service

There are two ways you can stream your service for WebinarJam.

One is to stream your video directly from the WebinarJam server, which is private. Another way is to use YouTube to stream your webinar. In the latter, you will need to connect your YouTube account to WebinarJam. Youtube Live is a useful feature if you have an established YouTube channel with a large audience.

Interactive Features

Polls and Quizzes

WebinaJam provides you with polls and quizzes features, so you can better engage your audience.

You can set these up in advance, and they will automatically appear when you go live. You can also set them up while your webinar is live.


You have three options when it comes to scheduling: one single session, multiple sessions, and recurring series of sessions.

One single session gives your audience the option to sign up for a webinar time that’s more convenient for them. For example, if you have two scheduled times for your webinar at 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM, your audience will be able to choose one of the webinars to attend, but not both.

Multiple sessions allow you to turn your webinar into a series. You will schedule different webinars at varying times. With this scheduling option, all of your webinar presentations that take place on different dates will all be bundled together.

This is a useful feature if you plan on hosting webinars that are hard to digest in one session. Splitting your webinars up into multiple sessions may increase engagement in such a case.

Recurrent series of presentations is a way to turn your webinars into something that resembles more of a tv show.You can set specific times and dates, and decide if there is going to be an end date. Depending on how you set up your schedule, your viewers will be able to watch your webinar on a daily or weekly basis, at times you’ve pre-determined.


WebinarJam has a clean, professional-looking design. They also give you the flexibility to design your webinar room with a few different colors.

Video Injection

This is a nice feature if you have a certain video that you want to show your audience during your presentation. For example, if you want to show a customer review video during your webinar, you can easily accomplish that with this feature. All you need is a link to an mp4 file or your YouTube video link.


You can use Zapier, a third-party platform integrating software, to integrate your webinar software with other software that you are using.

Some examples of these integrations include:

  • Receiving a notification when someone registers to your webinar
  • Automatically adding new registrants to your spreadsheet
  • Sending additional information to your registrants
  • Connecting registrants to your autoresponder

You will need an API key from WebinarJam if you are trying to connect with Zapier.

This key can be found in the Advanced area in your WebinarJam dashboard.

For more information on how to integrate WebinarJam with other software through Zapier, check out this article.

Overall, WebinarJam has solid integration with other software. This is mainly thanks to WebinarJam’s popularity as a leading webinar software provider in the industry.

In case you go with a lesser-known webinar software provider, there is a chance it may not be available for third-party integration. This would make it nearly impossible for you to set up a good webinar funnel.

The integration process is quite straightforward, and you can always check out their guide if you are unclear about anything.

Email Notifications

WebinarJam offers both built-in email systems as well as integration with a third-party SMTP provider.

WebinarJam’s email comes with all of the necessary features, including a welcome message, pre-webinar reminders, last-minute reminders, and post-webinar message.

Using a built-in email system is a good way to get started if you don’t already have an email service provider.

That said, it makes sense to transition to a reputable email service provider if you want to deliver your emails reliably to your list.


To sum up, WebinarJam offers everything you need to host a successful live webinar. If you opt for EverWebinar during your sign up process, you will also have access to every tool you need to automate your webinars.

As a reminder, your overall investment will be around $1,000 a year for both WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Some may consider it a high price. But, it really is an insignificant amount of investment for someone who is serious about taking their webinar to the next level.

In fact, It’d be hard to find any business where you can start with such a low investment.

So give it a try. In the worst case, you can always ask for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

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