Thrive Themes Review


What is ThriveThemes?

Thrive Themes is an all-in-one marketing plugins for WordPress users.

The product provides everything you need to customize your site with its page builder, lead form, and an A/B testing feature, just to name a few.

With Thrive Themes, you will have a lot more flexibility when it comes to customizing your pages than if you were to solely rely on WordPress page builder.

Who is ThriveThemes For?

It is for any WordPress user who is serious about building a high-converting page.

It’s also a great option if you are on a tight budget, and you are looking for a tool that’s comparable, or even better, than many page building tools that will cost you an arm and a leg.

ThriveThemes Review: Plug-ins

Before we jump into reviewing each plug-in, let’s briefly walk through the steps of installing ThriveThemes on your WordPress website.

First, you will need to download the Thrive product manager plugin from the ThriveThemes website.


Next, you will simply upload your product manager plugin zip file to your WordPress site.


You will then have to log into your ThriveThemes account to access all products on your WordPress site.


When you log in, you will see a total of nine ThriveThemes plug-ins, which are all free since they are included as part of your membership.


You can install all of them at once by clicking on “Select all,” and initiating installation. It will just take a few minutes to complete installation.


That’s it!

Thrive Architect Review

Thrive Architect is the page builder in ThriveThemes with the focus on conversions and efficiency.

To open Thrive Architect editor, you need to go to “Pages” on your WordPress site and click on “Edit with Thrive Architect.”


Thrive Architect comes with hundreds of landing page templates which you can access by clicking on “Change template” from the right menu bar.


You can start building your page by clicking on “Element” and placing it on your page.


These elements are broadly categorized into two groups: Foundation and Building Blocks.

  • Foundation consists of text, image, button, columns, background section, content box, logo, and templates & symbols.
  • Building Blocks comes with countdown, credit card, google map, lead generation, progress bar, and so many more.

When you select an element, you will see options appear on the left side.


These options allow you to modify details, such as typography, background style, layout and positions, etc.

Another cool thing about Thrive Architect is that when you change something in your background section, then that change often applies to all elements inside the section.

This allows you to save time since you don’t have to go through each element to make individual changes.


You can easily figure out the hierarchy of an element by looking at the top left corner. The image below shows that texts are contained inside the background section.


With Thrive Architect, you can also drag any item that is not a text, and place it where you want on the page.


Additionally, you will have access to nearly 8,000 icons, which helps to make your page more visually appealing.


Not only does Thrive Architect let you change the color of these icons, but you can also add gradients, and even change the angle of gradients.


Even something as simple as a button comes with tens of different templates.


Anything you build in Thrive Architect is mobile responsive. You can see the mobile view of your landing page by clicking on the mobile icon at the bottom of your page. Some minor modifications can be made even while your page is in a mobile mode, but any sidebar style change you make will only apply to the mobile page.


A/B Test

You can’t forget about an A/B test when talking about a high-converting landing page. To initiate an A/B test, it’s as simple as clicking on the A/B test icon, and creating two or three variations of your landing page.


You can also adjust what percentage of traffic you want each page to get. Next, you click on “Set up & Start A/B test.”

Additionally, you can set a goal for your A/B test so Thrive Architect tracks what you want it to measure.


Summary of Thrive Architect

All in all, Thrive Architect is an incredibly versatile tool that can fulfill all demands of a high-converting landing page.

There are many more features that I couldn’t cover because it would take me ten more pages to cover every feature that comes with the platform.

That said, the platform allows you to keep things as simple or as complex as you want. It has a very user-friendly, intuitive interface, which is easy to get accustomed to.

Thrive Leads Review

Thrive Leads is for generating and managing opt-in forms.

You can start creating your lead groups by clicking on the ‘Add new’ button in the Thrive Leads dashboard. It will then ask you the type of form you would like to add.

The platform gives you nine options you can choose from:

  • In content
  • Lightbox
  • Post footer
  • Ribbon
  • Screen filler
  • Scroll mat
  • Slide-in
  • Widget
  • PHP insert

If you want to create a pop-up, you would pick the ‘Lightbox’ option.

After you create your group, you will need to add a new form to your group.


When you create your form, you will see there there are three types of changes you can make to your form


Trigger defines when you want your opt-in form to show to visitors. You can set your opt-in form to appear on page load or after a certain period of time. The image below shows other options you can choose from the trigger setting.


Display frequency allows you to set how much time it should take before the same visitor sees the opt-in page again. If you set the value to zero then the popup will be shown at all times, which you probably don’t want to do.


Animation setting lets you choose how you want your pop-up to appear on the visitor’s screen. It has different options, such as zoom in, rotational, slip from top, and many more.


After everything is set, it’s time to start editing your opt-in form by clicking on the blue box.


When you enter the editing area, the page will present you with more than a hundred opt-in templates you can choose from.


The process of editing your opt-in form is largely the same as editing on Thrive Architect.

One thing I should note is that when you want to edit your lead generation box, you need to click on the box and click on ‘Edit form elements’ to make changes. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make changes.


With Thrive Leads, you can make nice little changes like changing the color and the gradient effect of your opt-in form button when a user hovers over with his mouse.

Your opt-in form is mobile responsive as well. So, whatever edits you make, will translate well to the mobile version. But you also have the flexibility to make changes.


The platform lets you seamlessly integrate your opt-in form with an email service provider by clicking on the ‘Add connection’ button.


Currently, the platform supports integrations with close to 30 email service providers, and three webinar platforms.


In the setting, you can choose where to direct a visitor after they submit a form.

These options include:

  1. Redirect to custom URL – A thank you page, for example
  2. Show success notification – Show a message notifying that the visitor’s action has been successfully completed
  3. Switch state – Display a little different version of the lightbox. For example, texts showing ‘thank you’ in the lightbox after a visitor submits form

With Thrive Leads, you can also choose where your forms will appear. If you want your pop-up to appear everywhere on your website, you can select all pages and all posts.


Moreover, you can choose to display your opt-in form only on desktop or mobile, or both.


If you want to show an opt-in form that is less invasive to visitors, you can show something like ‘Ribbon.’

For example, you can create the ‘Ribbon form’, and set it to appear on top.


With the Ribbon form, a visitor will only see an opt-in form if they click ‘Join now.”


A/B Tests

Thrive Leads also make it easy to run A/B tests on its platform.

First, click the ‘Edit’ button.


You can then clone your variation so you have two variations for the A/B test. After you change a variable you want to test in the second variation, you simply click ‘Start A/B test’ to run the test.


After you click the button, you will see that there’s an option to set an automatic winner.

Here, you can assign values for:

  • Minimum conversion – How many conversions you want to see before a winner is declared
  • Minimum duration – How long you want your test to run
  • Chance to beat original – How statistically significant your result needs to be

When you start getting visitors to your site, your A/B test dashboard will show numbers for form impression, conversions, and conversion rate,


Additionally, you can A/B test different types of forms against each other with Thrive Leads.


To run the test, you just have to select which types of forms to include for your test.


The progress of your test will show in the dashboard as you can see in the image below.


Overall, Thrive Leads offers some of the best capabilities for running an A/B test. Not only can you run the test against a different variation of the same form, but you can also run the test against different types of forms with just a few clicks of a button.

The platform also gives you plenty of options to create an opt-in form that suits your taste, whether it be pop-ups or less invasive opt-in forms.

Thrive Ultimatum Review

Thrive Ultimatum is a cooldown timer that helps you to create scarcity for your marketing campaign.

When you go to create a page from the Ultimatum dashboard, you will be shown four different options, which include build from scratch, 7-day offer, christmas special, and end-of-month special.


Your setting will be pre-filled when you choose one of the templates, so you have an easier time setting up. Or you can simply choose to build it from the scratch.

You can also choose where your ribbon will appear by clicking on ‘New design’ in the Ultimatum dashboard.


In campaign setting, you can pick between three different campaigns:

  1. Fixed dates campaign lets you set a predefined start and end dates
  2. Recurring campaign is suitable for an offer that repeats in cycle
  3. Evergreen campaign triggers based on user actions rather than dates

When you scroll down a little, you can set your countdown duration and when you want the countdown to start.


The dashboard also shows the timeline overview of your campaign, so you can have a clear view of how all the pieces come together.


You can set conversion events on the dashboard. You have the option to either choose ‘User subscription’ or ‘Visit to conversion page’ to trigger events.


When a visitor completes whatever trigger you set, you can either set your campaign to end, or move to another.

For example, if you set your campaign to end after a visitor visits your conversion page, that visitor will no longer see your cooldown timer.


Overall, Thrive Ultimatum is a useful plug-in if you routinely promote special time-limited offers on your website.

Thrive Quiz Builder Review

Thrive Quiz Builder is exactly what its name suggests: a quiz builder.

A quiz is a great way to engage, segment, and qualify your website visitors and potentially increase sign-up rates.

You will see a total of four options when you go to create your quiz: Build from scratch, list building, social shares, and customer insights.


After you pick one of the options, you can pick a quiz type, which consists of

  1. Number – Every answer is assigned a number and the final result will be a score.
  2. Percentage – You can assign points value for each question and the end result will show as a percentage.
  3. Category – This is similar to a personality type quiz. The result of the quiz will show as, “You are such and such type of person.”
  4. Right/Wrong – Every question has one right answer
  5. Survey – Allows you to gather information about your customer

As an example, if you choose the right and wrong type, you will see the option to choose what should happen after a visitor answers the question. Furthermore, you can set how long the highlight should display.


Next, you can choose the style of your quiz. There are only around five or six different options for the style, but each style is quite unique from one another.


Afterward, it’s time to set questions and answers. You will have different questions types you can choose from when you start building your quiz. The image below is specifically for the right or wrong quiz type.


Write questions and answers for your quiz.


When you create your first quiz, you will see it in your quiz flow. The flow gives you a nice overview of a visitor’s journey from start to finish. In case you want to change the order of your questions, you can easily do that via drag-and-drop.


You can also design visually appealing questions and answers with images.


Everything is easy to see in the flow board.


Moreover, you can set up your flow in a way that if someone answers your question correctly, you can send them to one question, and send them to another question if answered correctly.


These features allow you to create a powerful segmentation.

When you go to set up your result page, you will see social share buttons at the bottom. These can help your quiz go viral when people start sharing their quiz results on social media.



I don’t think I need to re-emphasize how much customization that Thrive Quiz Builder provides. The plug-in can really help you design the quiz however you please.

Thrive Apprentice Review

Thrive Apprentice is an online course building plug-in from Thrive Themes.

You can start the course creation process by clicking on the “Add new course” button.


Next, you can fill out basic details, such as the topic of your course, your course URL, description, cover image, and author bio. Additionally, you have the ability to allow or disable comments, and add video description.


Then, go to the content section to start adding new content.


With Thrive Apprentice, you can create modules and chapters to organize the content of your course, and your content will go inside the lesson.


There are three types of lessons you can create including text, audio, and video.


Restrict access for a non-registered visitor.


Once you finish creating your course, this is how the frontend will look to visitors.



Thrive Apprentice offers everything you need to build a course at a fraction of the cost compared to most other online course builders.

While it may not provide as many features as some of its competitors that specialize in course creating tools, the platform still gives everything you need to quickly get your business up and running.

Thrive Comments Review

Thrive Comments is a plug-in that replaces the standard WordPress comments. With the plug-in, you can customize your comments to a greater detail than if you were to stick with WordPress comments.

In general settings, you will be able to:

  • Control if users must be registered and logged in to comment
  • Disable comments on posts older than specified days
  • Show a certain number of comments per page
  • Sorting comments by either oldest or newest first
  • Toggle on or off sharing individual comments
  • Allow remember me functionality
  • Enable GDPR consent

Comment conversion section allows you to decide what happens when a visitor leaves a comment for the first time.

You have several options, such as showing a custom thank-you message, encouraging social share, recommending related posts, redirecting to another URL, or displaying an opt-in form.


With customize style, you can choose a different accent color for your comment section. Toggle avatars on and off.

You can also customize how you want dates to show.


In the “Voting and Badges” section, you can choose to display like and display buttons for your comments, which gives the feel of a social media platform.


The notification section gives the option to choose to receive an email notification when someone leaves comments. Additionally, you can customize the format of an email that will be sent after leaving a comment.


The comment moderation section lets you moderate comments in a very thorough manner.

First, you can set which roles can moderate comments. You can also set your comments to show only after manual approval.

The section also allows you to choose how many links a comment is allowed to contain before it’s put in the queue.

More importantly, you can set restricted words, so any time someone leaves a comment that contains restricted words, it is either held in the moderation queue or put in the trash.


Advanced setting comes with some cool features that help with page speed optimization.


While you make all of these changes, the comments preview mode on the right shows how your comment section will display to website visitors, so you can see the changes you make in real-time.


Thrive Optimize Review

Thrive Optimize is an add-on for Thrive Architect, which means you need to have the Architect plug-in installed for you to use the Optimize plug-in.

When you have both plug-ins installed, you can directly run an A/B test from your landing page editor in Thrive Architect.


Create a variation of your original copy by clicking on “Duplicate.”


Make whatever change you want to test in your variation, and click on “Set up & Start A/B Test” When you’re ready to run the test.


You will have to set a goal for your A/B test.


If you want to track revenue, you can set which page a visitor will land once they make a purchase, and assign monetary value to each conversion.


If you select “Visit Goal Page,” you will simply track how many times visitors end up on your goal page.


Selecting “Subscriptions” will measure how many visitors subscribe to your list. You will want to track lead generation form on each of your variations to track conversions for subscription.

To view your test details, you can go to the Thrive Optimize dashboard and click on “View Test Details.”

The graph will display page conversion rate as shown below.


All in all, Thrive Optimize is yet another useful addition to improving your A/B testing.

Thrive Ovation Review

Thrive Ovation is a testimonial management plugin from Thrive Themes.

The plugin makes it easy for you to both capture and display testimonials on your website.

When you enter the Thrive Ovation dashboard, you will see a menu at the top, which includes display testimonials, capture testimonials, and settings.

  1. Display testimonials option gives you the option to display testimonials using either Thrive Architect or WordPress shortcodes.
  2. Under Capture testimonials, you will have options to use Thrive Architect, shortcodes, Thrive Leads, or import from social media.
  3. Settings allow you to manage email delivery integration and customer approval settings.

When you click on any of the “Thrive” options for capturing or displaying testimonials, a video will appear and walk you through each step you need to follow to accomplish your desired task.


But it really is a straightforward process. You just need to open your page with Thrive Architect, click on “Add Element” and scroll down to find display or capture testimonials.


After you select one of the templates, you can just click on “Form Settings” to make further customization.


You can change the labels of your field and choose what to show. You can also create additional questions.


When you scroll down, you will see other settings that allow you to either show a success message or redirect to a URL upon form submission. You can even change the text of your submit button.


In conclusion, social proof is a vital component of a high-converting page and Thrive Ovation is a great addition to your website for upping your social proof game.

Clever Widgets Review

Thrive Clever Widgets is a plugin that allows you complete control over where your widgets are displayed on your website.

This is how the Thrive Clever Widgets dashboard looks.


You can click on “Display Options” for one of the widgets.


And you will be able to choose where your widget is shown.


The plugin goes along with Thrive Themes commitment to provide a high-converting landing page tool. With the plugin, you can effectively eliminate distractions for your website visitors and only show widgets where it’s absolutely necessary.

If you tend to be a little obsessive with details, then this plugin will likely help alleviate your anxiety.

Headline Optimizer Review

Thrive Headline Optimizer is a plugin that will help you design the best converting headline for your page. If you are an online marketer, you are well aware of the importance of a good headline.

When you click “Add new” from the dashboard, you will see a list of your posts in the new screen. You can also click pages to test the headlines of your pages if you want.


You can then simply click on the posts you want to test, and the ones you select will move to the right column.


Select “Save and Continue” to go to the next step. On the next page, you will be able to create as many title variations as you want for each post.


The next step will allow you to set test criteria for your split test. You can customize your engagement setting, but ThriveThemes recommends you to keep its default setting for a better performance.

The bottom part of the page lets you set the conditions for choosing an automatic winner.


Once you create your test, you will see a snapshot of different stats for the day. These stats show views, engagements, and engagement rate.


This plugin is just another nice little feature for split-testing one of the most important elements of a high-converting page.

ThriveThemes Pricing

You will have two payment options.

You can either opt to pay yearly which turns out to be $228 a year.


Or you can opt to pay quarterly which will cost you $90 every 3 months.


There’s no difference between the two plans in terms of features you get. You get access to everything that Thrive Themes offers with either one.

Hypothetically, if you stick with both plans for one year, you will be saving $132 with the yearly plan.

In my opinion, there’s really no reason to go with the quarterly plan since the company offers a full refund with a no-question-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

It should be fairly obvious before your 30 days is over whether the software is right for you.

If you believe it’s not the right fit for you, then you can simply request a full refund.

Overall, I’d say this is a very fair place considering many landing page software companies charge close to $100 a month recurring fee.

You only need to pay a one-time fee to access Thrive Themes plugins for a lifetime. Even when your membership expires after one year, you will still keep the software in your WordPress account.

Thrive Themes Support

To access its support, you need to go to “Support” on the Thrive Themes website.


On the page, you can either select to view your previous conversations or start a new conversation.


You are then presented with several options you can choose from. If you’d rather just talk to a live support, you can choose that option at the bottom.


My experience with the company’s support team has been mostly positive. They replied promptly and managed to help resolve my issues, for the most part.

That said, you can find mixed reviews about the company’s support team online. Some highly praise them and some are quite unhappy. But I’d say this is something you’d expect to see for a software company with such a large user base.

ThriveThemes Review: Pros and Cons

Thrive Themes Pros

  • Features that allow you to easily build a high-converting page.
  • It provides a detailed step-by-step video tutorial for most of its plugins
  • Plugins that facilitate running different A/B tests
  • A visually-appealing, customizable comment section to promote higher engagement
  • Affordable compared to other website and landing page builders
  • No recurring fee
  • All-in-one marketing solution with its page builders and ability to host your online course
  • Highly customizable lead form

Thrive Themes Cons

  • There will be a bit of a learning curve if you are not familiar with WordPress
  • Numerous plugins and countless features can feel a little overwhelming if you are a beginner marketer


I hope this article cleared up a lot of questions you may have had about the Thrive Themes product.

Although I tried to provide mostly objective feedback on the software, I am probably a little biased since I’m a fan of the product.

I suggest you try it out yourself to make up your own mind.

In the worst-case scenario, you can get a full refund within 30 days, or you may end up loving it as I did!

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