PodBean Review

PodBean is one of the most popular platforms for hosting a podcast.

In this article, you will learn what exactly makes the platform stand out from the rest.

Let’s get started.


The platform offers four different plans:

Basic plan

  • Free
  • 5 hours total of storage space
  • 100 GB Bandwidth monthly
  • Free themes
  • Basic stats

Unlimited audio

  • $9 a month
  • All features from the basic plan
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Comprehensive podcast stats
  • Advanced custom design

Unlimited plus

  • $29 a month
  • All features from the basic and unlimited audio plan
  • Video podcasts
  • Full custom design
  • Patron program
  • PodAds


  • $99 a month
  • All features from the lower-priced plans
  • Unlimited private channels and two public channels
  • Detailed individual listener data
  • Unlimited admins
  • Live chat support
  • Removal of Podbean branding

Getting Started

When you sign up for PodBean, you should see a dashboard that looks like this after you confirm your email.

You can then go to “My Podcast” under “Podcast Channels” and click on “Manage.”

This is the page where you can create and manage your podcast.

Overall, PodBean has a clean dashboard that is easy to navigate.


Post on iTunes

PodBean makes it easy for you to distribute your podcast on iTunes.

To publish on iTunes, you first need to publish at least one episode in a file format that is compatible with iTunes.

These file formats include mp3, m4a, mov, mp4, m4v, and pdf. You will then have to name your Podcast title, description, category, and logo in your account.

Next, get your Podcast RSS feed, as shown in the image below.

Finally, go to Apple’s Podcast management area, and log in to the Apple ID. Next, you can click on the “+” button to submit a new podcast feed.

Enter your iTunes feed ID into iTunes setting in PodBean.

At this point, your podcast will be automatically updated by iTunes.


Here are some of the statistics you can access from the statistics dashboard:

  • Trending chart – Displays all of the downloads for all episodes for any given period
  • User interaction – Shows the number of new followers, comments, and likes within the chosen time period
  • Where your audience comes from – You can view geographical stats of your audience
  • Downloads by the time of day – A 24-hour chart that shows how many people download for each hour of each day
  • User agents – Displays sources of your downloads, e.g., Apple Podcasts, CastBox, PodBean App
  • Top 10 episodes – Top 10 episodes people downloaded the most for your selected period
  • User retention – Shows the percentage of listeners retained
  • Daily listeners – Provides you with more insights into your listener’s reach


PodBean provides you with several free themes when you are using their free plan.

You can also sign up for PodBean’s unlimited plan if you want to gain access to their pro themes.

Your Site

This is what your site will look like.

These are extra features you can use to modify your site.

  1. Sidebar widgets – You can add widgets, such as archives, premium content, links, search, text, and many more
  2. Pages – Create new pages to organize content. These pages may include extra information for your podcast
  3. Edit CSS – You can also change the style of your podcast by using the CSS editor


With PodBean, you can manage your ads from your account page.

Your plan needs to be unlimited plus or higher to join Ads Marketplace

To create your ad campaign, click “Advertising” and select “PodAds.”

When creating a campaign, there are four sections you need to fill out.

Campaign Setting

You need to set the basic information, such as name, start date, and end date.


Select your target location. Your options include the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, or Worldwide.

You can also choose to include or exclude certain states of the US.


Here, you can select your ad position and upload your ad file.

  • Pre-roll – Playing ads at the beginning of your podcast
  • Mid-roll – Your ads will play in the middle of your podcast
  • Post-roll – Playing ads at the end of your podcast

Choose Podcasts

You can decide to show your ads for all of your episodes, or manually select which episode you will display ads.

Live Shows

PodBean allows you to create live shows on their platform.

These are the information you need to fill out when creating a live show:

  • Logo – A logo that represents your podcast
  • Live Room Title – A title that suits your podcast
  • About this show – Describe what your podcast is about
  • Explicit – You need to indicate if your show contains any explicit content
  • Visibility – You can either choose public or unlisted for your live show. If you choose unlisted, only people with links will be able to join your live shows.
  • Category – There are many different categories you can choose, which include comedy, love, music, and many more.
  • Early Bird Free Admissions – You can set limits on the number of people who can get free admissions to your live shows.


PodBean allows you to create a patron program, so you can earn monthly revenue from your loyal supporters.

These are the steps you need to follow to create a patron program.

Submit Podcast Feed

Create the page for patron

There are three steps involved in the process.

  1. Set up your profile – You need to set up your URL, add a tagline, and tell your story with an image or a video
  2. Your goals – Set funding goals you want to reach, and how you plan to use the funding you receive
  3. Rewards for students – What type of rewards are you going to provide your patrons once the goal is met?

Tutorials & Customer service

Whenever you get stuck, you can visit PodBean’s tutorial area where you have access to tens of articles that provide in-depth details on how to use and set up PodBean.

Alternatively, you can also contact their 24/7 support by submitting a ticket.


PodBean is one of the best platforms to host your podcast if you are looking to get started with minimal hassle.

Not only does the platform make it easy for you to set up and run your podcast, but it also makes it easy for you to monetize your podcast by allowing you to manage your ads from your account.

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